We offer software modules to service the following offices:

Circuit Civil


General Sessions Civil




Child Support




Public Inquiry




  • Fast and Easy Case Search options
  • Group-Based user permissions
  • Minimal hardware/software requirements
  • Template-based documents with word processor capabilities
  • Integrated Audit Logs

* Audit logs track all changes made to a case increasing accountability

  • Individual User Security Permissions
  • Switch Based Features
  • Bar code printing and scanning
  • Creates multiple docket types to best suit your needs
  • Exportable lists and searches
  • PDF Reports and dockets which can be Emailed
  • Secure, user-friendly, browser based navigation

* If you have ever used the internet, then you will have no problem navigating the software.

  • Multiple Browsers supported
  • Help Buttons have answers just a click away
  • Electronic generation of state forms with personalized county information
  • Participates in automated report submission
  • Interfaces seamlessly and efficiently to other data-tracking systems
  • Increases security and accountability
  • Batch processing allows bulk payments from collection agencies to be processed in a matter of seconds
  • Unlimited “comments” section

* Lets you add notes regarding a case with unlimited free-form entry.

  • Experienced service team support

* The CourTNet staff knows how county government functions, has many years of experience in automation business flows and provides on-site support.

  • 24/7 Support with a toll-free number and online tracking of requests
  • Guaranteed, all-inclusive pricing

* Your monthly service costs remain constant through the life of the contract. We do not bill for new updates and releases.

  • No up-front payment required

* CourTNet charges its customers a reasonable monthly user fee structured around payments for services as they are provided, with no advance payment required.